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Project Update - October 2017

Fort Hamer Bridge – Final Completion:

Manatee County residents and media are invited to a ceremonial ribbon cutting event on Wednesday, October 18th.

Those attending should plan to be at Fort Hamer Rowing Park, 1605 Fort Hamer Road in Parrish by 8 a.m. The ribbon cutting ceremony begins at 8:30 a.m. on the bridge near the scenic overlook, mid-way across the bridge.

The bridge is expected to open to traffic by 11 a.m., after the ceremony is complete and barricades have been removed from the road. 

We hope to see you there to celebrate this historic event.

Note: The bridge will not be open to traffic before the ceremony, so those attending should arrive from the north. Please wear comfortable shoes.

  • While working in the river, a marine vessel is used to assist with construction of the bridge.
  • The northern approach is being constructed and will connect with end bent 19 at this location.
  • The crane is positioned on top of the trestle (temporary bridge) as crews prepare for construction of the next pier on the river’s edge.
  • Looking south at the bridge from ground-level.
  • The sidewalk is poured alongside of the deck and forms are set for the placement of barrier wall.
  • Construction of pier 15 is underway.
  • Looking South - 800 feet from the north bank of the Manatee River
  • Looking south towards UMRR - Future southern approach to the bridge
  • 134 foot girders (beams) on top of Piers 12 and 13
  • Installation of guardrail on the northern approach to bridge
  • Looking north from Winding Stream Way towards the bridge
  • Looking North at Pier 8
  • Aerial View of the Beams Prior to the Deck Pour
  • Looking North Toward Fort Hamer Park
  • The Bridge Deck Looking South Toward Upper Manatee River Road
  • Looking South Toward the Construction of the Southern Approach to Bridge
  • Fort Hamer Bridge Approximately 1500 Feet from the Northern Bank of the Manatee River
  • Looking North at the New Signalized Intersection at UMRR and Fort Hamer Road
  • Construction of Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter along UMRR
  • Span 7 Extending out to Pier 6
  • Looking South Toward Pier 2 from the Temporary Bridge
  • Southern Approach to Fort Hamer Bridge
  • Trestle Bridge Relocated to the Southern Bank of the Manatee River
  • Concrete beams connect the north end of the bridge with the deck on the south end.
  • Aerial view of Fort Hamer Bridge that stretches the entire width of the Manatee River.
  • All the piers are constructed and all the beams are set allowing crews to finish the barrier wall and pedestrian railing.
  • Construction Assist Marine Vessel
  • Northern Approach Construction
  • Crane on a Trestle
  • Beams
  • Sidewalk01
  • View of Pier 15
  • South Facing - Besides Manatee River
  • South Facing - Future Road to Southern Approach
  • Girders to Pier 12/13
  • Guardrail Installation
  • Looking Towards Bridge Construction
  • 20161130 FHR Looking N
  • 20161130 FHR Bridge Deck
  • 20161130 FHR Bridge Looking N
  • Ft. Hamer bridge6 2
  • Ft. Hamer bridge2 2
  • Intersection at UMRR
  • Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter along UMRR
  • Under Bridge
  • Looking at Pier 2
  • southern approach resized
  • Trestle
  • Concrete Beams
  • Aerial view of Fort Hamer Bridge
  • Piers and beams are set


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